In which our friends tell us how much they love us and why. . .

A review from Outblush, in which they gush.

I truly love the soaps, they are great! ? M.N. via email

I love, love, love the Herbe Kissin Stick! LOVE. ..... Thanks so much for making a great product and for making veganism easy! RF, California

Keep up the great work and we'll keep purchasing your product! TF, Mississippi

I appreciate the fast delivery of my last order. It was here in time for Christmas and I really didn't expect it to be. Thanks for all your emails to update me on my order and delivery options and for the great service. MB, Michigan

I loved your soap with the scent of nag champa [Ashbury Street]....My hippie and I love showering with that soap together. RJ, Arkansas

....People who don't travel much don't realize what it is like to be away from all the comforts of home. .... I showered with Dirty Hippie on four continents in 7 countries last year. Every morning, a little bit of home.... Life with Hippie soap is all Zen, all the time. Thank y'all for your fine work. KW, Mississippi

I LOVE your soaps!!! Thanks. BB, Nevada

I was lucky enough to receive two bars ...and was an immediate convert. Great soaps and I appreciate and support your philosophy on life and stewardship. KD, Alabama

My husband loves Dirty Hippie Soap! His skin is dry so he appreciates the way it feels after a shower, and he says it's hard to find a real patchouli scent. He's been trying for years, and feels this is the best one. GH, New Mexico

I love your soaps! CB, Tennessee

I purchased some of your soap products right after you started selling them. They last forever, but I've been out for awhile. I appoligize for not contacting you sooner to thank you and praise you for such wonderful products. I have even chastised some specialty shops for not carrying soaps of your caliber. I have even gone so far as to leave your e-mail address with them. So thank you again for all you do for us who seek out such quality products from people who are actually just as concerned about social issues as I am....and many others. SG, Louisiana

I love this soap. I have very sensitive skin and it is the only soap I can and do use! I love the way my husband smells after he uses it too. A real bonus - our friends comment on how clean we smell. Interesting comment. Thanks so much. KC, Virginia

I can't tell you how wonderful I think your products are!!!!! I first found you at Nordstrom's years ago.... joy abounded when my sisters and I found you on-line. We have been very happy with the level of service you offer and are thrilled that we can order on the internet now. (It was always fun to talk to you on the phone though.) :) Keep up the fantastic work!!!. JO, North Carolina

Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanks for keeping us clean and smelling great! SW, Louisiana

I am very pleased with the order I recieved.... Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service! I wish I would have known about you guys sooner!! JD, Mississippi

Please call or email to confirm if my order will be received by christmas! It's a stocking stuffer for my husband who just LOVES your soaps! KJ, Washington

Happy December, Gwen!!! Can't wait for my annual shipment...it's the best smelling box on the UPS truck! AG, North Carolina

Excellent soaps. I have used them for the past couple of years. Never had a problem with ordering from them before. This order took over two weeks to get here. I received no response to email inquiring about an expected delivery date. JB, Virginia. Dirty Hippie note: Mr. B. was right. Unfortunately this order, or the resulting emails, did not get processed to us by the shopping cart (a glitch, which also affected other orders during that same time, and which we immediately fixed when we found out about it). However, Dirty Hippie has set things right with Mr. B for this uncharacteristicly bad customer service.

My daughter loved your lemon soap so I will send 6 to her so she will quit trying to 'borrow' mine! ... Love your products! Thanks! JN, Louisiana

All of the teachers on my hall are getting a bar of Wastin Away Again when school starts! SW, Louisiana

Great company, great products. We have ordered several times and have been pleased both with the selection and quality of the products, as well as the service, prompt shipping. The recently changed their web site and it is great. Highly recommend them! FC, Tennessee

Ordered the bath soap through Vermont Country Store last year -- had no idea there were so many different soaps! Hope I'm ordering the right one -- my husband loves it. If this is NOT the same soap Vermont Country Store sells, please let me know so I can change the order! Thanks very much. CV, California

I got some of your soap at mistletoe...and had to have some more .... KS, Mississippi

This is the best product, by far, that I've ever used! I purchased several different bars of the Dirty Hippie soap, and I was pleased from the moment I opened the package and the aroma wafted up to my nose. The soap lathers up like a shower gel, the aroma stays with you a long time, and the feeling it gave my skin . . . marvelous! The bar is a nice, hefty size and lasts a long time, and as one of your friends of color, I have to say you have my R-E-S-P-E-C-T -- this particular soap is NICE in every way -- good for the skin, and very moisturizing! It was very easy navigating the Dirty Hippie website and making my purchases, and my order got to me quickly! I'll definitely make this one of my Favorites! The products are everything they say they are . . . and then some! AJ, Washington DC

I purchased some of your soaps at the Canton Flea Market in May. I loved them! I'm getting some for a friend for Christmas, and of course, another couple for myself! ? M.L., Mississippi

Have used your soaps, and they are wonderful! Could you be so kind to send a brochure. I'm using the Sugar Magnolia right now. It's just as wonderful as the last, and the one before that, and the one before that and...... -- G.R, Maryland

I would like to order some of your soap. We bought some at the Double Decker Festival ... and love it. But I'm about out and want to order some more. -- A.B., Tennessee

...love the soap. I am out of soap, so please don't make me wait--somehow it just makes my mornings better---that steamy scented shower....and your scents take me waaayyyy back... -- KW, Mississippi

I'm writing to tell you how great your products are. A friend received "Bob" in a Get Well basket and told me about you. -- S.R., Mississippi

I was at the Atlanta Gift Show representing a[nother line of products]. I loved your Good Morning Bar! -- D.P.K, Georgia

OH NO... my Kissin Stick is.... *gasp* GONE!!!! Can I just say, your Herbie Kissin' Stick is the best thing that EVER happened to my lips. -- C.S., via email

I think your products are wonderful. I saw them in Wilmington, NC and bought a bunch but I want to send some to my friends all over ? C.S.N, via email.

I love your soap! I first tried your soap two month ago. How refreshing! -- M.S., North Carolina

My sister bought some of your products ... in Oxford. She passed them along to me and they're great ? D.C., Montana

...your Kissin' Stick is pretty amazing! Your product is fantastic! ? C.C., via email

I saw your soaps in a store in Apalachicola, FL (Chez Funk) and fell in love! thanks a million! -- M.O., Florida

Thanks Gwen! Love your stuff. Wish it was all coming to me! ;) -- S.B., New Mexico

I have purchased one of your Dirty Hippie sticks when I was on vacation. I have really enjoyed it and was wondering where I can get more near me. -- M.F., Ohio

I made a bid on your soap that was included in a basket that I 'won' at our annual Vegetarian Thanksgiving Potluck . Your product was the reason for my bid... I keep the "Dirty Hippie Soap" next to my computer and sniff it before 'opening'.. ? J.B., Colorado

Dear Friends - I love Dirty Hippie Soaps. Can you send me information on how to order them? ? S.D., Mississippi

My friend gave me a bar of your Sugar Magnolia soap and now I want to try several of your other soaps... ? K.B., Tennessee

I have to have your soaps in my store. They look awesome and I hear they are...- T.F., Alabama

I had a customer that had heard of your product and asked me to look into it for them. ? P.P., Missouri

I was given a bar of your soap Dirty Hippie scent as a small gift and I absolutely love it! After a week of use my skin has never been so clear. I have also noticed that I have had to use less moisturizer. My husband also loves the soap and I have taken to using it on my child as well. We are very very pleased with your soap. ? B.H., Mississippi

I love your Dirty Hippie Soap (especially the )! ....-- J.C., Georgia

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I LOVE your soaps!! I live in [Washington] found them at a great store called Central Market in Poulsbo. Thank you so much for taking the high road.-- S.L ? Washington

Please send me a price list on your items. I purchased a bar soap and I love it. -- C.K, via email

Our customers love your soaps, especially
Rosemary's Stretch and Born to be Wild . ? R.__, Mississippi

Best Soap on the Planet. Help! Everyone that I get your wonderful soap from is either out or floating on their last bars.... S. H., via email

A dear friend ... sent me a wonderful collection of your soaps for Christmas. They are absolutely wonderful!!! -- E.G., California

Hi, I got some of your soap for Christmas, and I was just wondering where I could get some more soap and lip balm. I love the stuff so much and I want to get some more ? B.B., Florida

I love your soap. Someone gave me a tube of your Hippie Balm , and it does help with my winter dry skin.... I like the smell of the style of Dirty Hippie Soap, ...Keep up the great (environmentally friendly) work! I love your products! ? B.H., Mississippi

I absolutely adore your products and was looking to purchase some ? A.G., via email

Handmade soap is the best! No chemical-laden store brand soap can even compare to
natural soap! ? L.S., via email

Oh, the Bars of soap are the prettiest soaps I have ever seen and smells so good and feels so good on our skin. ? M.H., Mississippi

A friend sent me some Dirty Hippie Soap and it was wonderful!!....I would love to purchase for myself and friends. ? A.C., South Carolina

I was given a bar of your lavender soap. Can't remember the name. I loved it. ? D.M., Arkansas

We recently received our order of soaps and are pleased with how well they are selling ? J.S., Harvest Moon , Anniston, AL

My husband gave me a gift basket for Valentine's Day ... and there were several of your soaps and Bath Smileys in the basket.......I just wanted to let you know how great I think your products are...Again, loved your products and the methods used in their manufacture. ? L.S., Mississippi

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