At Dirty Hippie Soaps TM , we think part of our job is to help educate you, our customers, about our products so you are equipped to make informed decisions about what you put on (and ultimately in) your bodies. To that end, we offer the following. . .

Real stuff
First and foremost, all Dirty Hippie Soaps TM products are made-from-scratch, all natural, non-synthetic (yes, we know that's redundant-redundant) and animal-derived-products-free products.

A little elbow grease
We know what goes in our products because we have, and continue to, carefully research all our ingredients. While we don't distill the essential oils or grow all the herbal additives (yet) that go into our products, all our products are made from scratch. You won't find any mass-produced and/or pre-made bases in any Dirty Hippie Soaps TM products.

Glycerine (?) soap
Dirty Hippie Soaps TM doesn't make "glycerine soap" (well, we do. . . keep reading). Almost 100% of the colorful, fragranced "glycerine soap" one currently sees on the market are neither glycerine, all-natural, non-animal, or even, for that matter, soap (discuss). Most is made by "melt and pour," a process in which the crafter (or manufacturer) purchases solid blocks of a solid base from a company, melts it down, adds scents or additives (like oatmeal, lavender buds, or plastic toys) and pours it into a mold to firm back up. They might also put it in the freezer to speed up the process.

Dirty Hippie Soaps TM soaps retain every bit of the glycerine that is produced during the saponification process - the process in which the oils and lye combine to create a totally new thing - soap. Glycerine is a humectant, which means that it draws moisture from the air (and, theoretically, onto your skin). Our research (and we've done a bit) indicates that the percentage of glycerine in any of our bars of soap is somewhere around 25%. And let me tell you, you can sure tell it's got a bunch of glycerine on a humid day.

Hot and Cold
Our soaps are handmade using cold- and hot- processed methods. Our liquid soap is hot-processed or "cooked" through to force the saponification process and reduce the cure time.  Our bar soaps are cold-processed, meaning that they are not "cooked."  Cold-processing requires that we insulate it and let it do its own cooking, then cut it and let it continue to cure on racks.

I've information animal, vegetable, and mineral. . .
Dirty Hippie Soaps TM has chosen not to use animal-derived ingredients, including such ingredients as tallow, milk, honey, etc. We believe plant oils are less pore-clogging than tallow, and we don't want to contribute to the "harvesting" of animals. We do not say that animal-derived products are necessarily bad, but if there are non-animal alternatives, we prefer to use those.

Strawberry essential oil, unicorns, and other things that don't exist
One of the things that sets Dirty Hippie Soaps TM apart from most others is the scent of our products. Dirty Hippie Soaps TM uses only natural and essential oils (technically, also some ottos and absolutes, but who's counting?).  These are scenting oils that are really plant essences, distilled from the flowers, leaves, stems, and roots of the plants. We do not use fragrance oils.   Even though fragrance oils can come in tons more scents (and some even contain small amounts of essential oils), they are also synthetic and most petrochemicals. Strawberries, apples, pears, cookie dough - these don't produce essential oils, and don't believe anyone who tells you differently.

Since some things we like don't make essential oils, we sometimes choose to use natural oils. "Natural oils" are blends of essential oils intended to smell like something wholly different. That's why when you look "pomegranate" up in your essential oil book, you'll find that it doesn't exist as an essential oil. Never fear. We aren't trying to slip something by you; we've found a natural oil that mimics the scent, and we've researched it to make sure that it doesn't contain essential oils that might be contra-indicated. It's still completely natural, and we're still watching out for you.

Aww, honey
Since we only use natural and essential oils, we get wonderfully natural, clean-smelling stuff. As a matter of fact, when we've had occasion to have our soaps outside during the spring and summer, honey bees and butterflies have come flocking to them.  Don't worry- they didn't sting. You can't get much more validation than that!

Ink? Ink-ee?
We like to use common names on our ingredient listings. Besides the fact that we can usually spell those names (not to mention pronounce them!), you probably know ingredients by their common names. However, that's not always possible because the FDA says that all toiletries must be labeled with INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) names. The INCI requirement is for consumer protection, and that's really great and we applaud and support the effort. But INCI names can be intimidating and confusing since we don't usually call "peppermint" "mentha piperita".  Just remember not to confuse "INCI name" with "crazy chemical that I need gloves to handle" or vice versa. That's not always the case (and it isn't with Dirty Hippie Soaps TM ).

We've included information about some of our ingredients. Please use this as a jumping-off point for more research.

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