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So, what's the deal with Dirty Hippie Soaps? And what's the deal with that name?

Well first, Dirty Hippie Soaps products are made from only gluten-free and vegan-certified ingredients. Our products have been investigated, evaluated, and analyzed by the only vegan certifying organization in the United States. In late 2002, we were awarded Vegan Certification.

Second, Dirty Hippie Soaps products are made from only natural ingredients. There aren't any "crazy chemicals" in our products, so there aren't any "crazy chemicals" on (and ultimately in) your skin. Yes, we know the argument -- "Well germs are natural, but they aren't good for you." You know what we say? "Why use petrochemicals or other synthetic chemicals on yourself and your loved ones when you have good natural choices?" (Isn't that a good comeback?) At Dirty Hippie Soaps, we are careful in our selection of ingredients, especially essential oils, and include cautionary notes on our labels for the one or two ingredients we use that are contra-indicated for certain physical conditions.

At Dirty Hippie Soaps, our goal is to have products that meet the needs of the entire family. We have a range of family members in our product line, and their pictures are on the products. The individual family member's face is an indication of age appropriateness, not exclusivity, of the product. You adults should feel free to use ANY product Dirty Hippie Soaps makes.

Like all good Hippies, we strive to leave our world better than we found it, so we support and/or tithe a percentage of our proceeds to worthy and charitable organizations like Good Samaritan, rescue missions, and our home church. In addition, we reduce and reuse in every way we can find. For instance, you'll often get a box and packaging that someone sent to us. Send it on to someone else, too, because it's all about being good stewards of what we're given.

Finally, although we take seriously our business and our responsibility to our customers and our world, as our name implies, we like to have fun with our products and want you to do the same. We hope you enjoy reading our site while you learn more about us, our philosophy and commitment, our ingredients and our products. Give us a shout if we can tell you more or help you out.

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